Date: Apr 30th 2021 – Aug 29th 2021

Location: Seoul, Korea.


The photos of the Beatles, which remain in black and white and in color, contain the breath, sweat, and numerous emotions of the four members. More than 60 years later, not only on the colorful stage but also on the playful side of relaxing, but it is still vivid. And behind all these pictures is Robert Whitaker.

Robert Whitaker is called a surrealist photographer who visualizes the image he saw in his dreams as a photograph. Just as Spanish painter Salvador Dali carried his night-long dream to the canvas, Robert Whitaker reinterpreted his dream and used various props and techniques to move it onto the film – he said Salvador Dali was actually the source of his inspiration.

For this reason, his photographs, which creatively reinterpreted the images of the Beatles as well as the top stars of the time in the 1960s during the Cultural Revolution, are very valuable not only commercially but also artistically. In recognition of this value, his work was displayed at The National Gallery in the UK, and he was nicknamed “Super Click Super Click,” which means “the best photographer.”

From 1964 to 1966, Robert Whitaker served as the Beatles’ exclusive photographer for about two years. At the time when the Beatles were enjoying their best days, they recorded history by sharing every move with them. He applied his surrealistic photographic philosophy to Beatles photography, and left experimental and original photographs using the camera as a pictorial tool. “I tried to show that they were just like us, made up of blood and flesh.” Robert Whitaker’s passion for expressing the true image of the four members hidden behind glamour in his own way, still shines at this moment.