LIFE AND DEATH: Glory of Pompeii

Date: Jul 17th 2021 – Sep 12th 2021        Location: Vani Archeological Museum – Vani, Georgia.

Date: Sep 23rd 2021 – Nov 7th 2021       Location: The Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia – Tbilisi, Georgia.

Date: Nov 19th 2021 – Jan 30th 2022     Location: National Gallery of Armenia – Yerevan, Armenia.



Pompeii, although struck by a terrible natural catastrophe, which suddenly shut down the life of the city, has seen its urban and architectural structure remain largely intact and, more unique than rare, is therefore able to offer visitors the extraordinary thrill of retracing its streets and visiting its houses, experiencing the unrepeatable sensation of living in a time different from the present.

But with a very specific limit, which is the reason for this exhibition: that today’s Pompeii is nothing but the skeleton of the ancient city, drained of all forms of life by the tremendous eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. and emptied of those objects that would allow you to imagine it as it was. Furniture, tools, ornaments, architectural decorations that, starting with the frescoes, embellished the walls of the houses.

The usefulness, as well as the charm, of this exhibition lies precisely in the theme of living and therefore of the daily life that took place in Pompeii and its territory, in the different social levels, and therefore in the opportunity for the visitor to see finds. coming from various rooms of the house (the atrium, the triclinium, the peristyle, the lararium, the garden). In addition to this, precious jewels and casts of some victims of the eruption complete the exhibition. It is an immersion in the daily life of an ancient Italian city in the first century. A.D.

The exhibition in the Vani Museum is significant, the archaeological site located in the region known in the classical world as Colchis and destroyed by military attack in the mid-first century. B.C.

Two sites compared so different but so similar due to the violent interruption of life, albeit for very different reasons.







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