GERMAN IMPRESSIONISM: Liebermann, Slevogt, Corinth from the Landesmuseum in Hanover

Date: Jul 11th 2020 – Oct 25th 2020

Location: Regional Archaeological Museum – Aosta, Italy.

Curator: Thomas Andratschke.


The exhibition aims to tell the story of the evolution of German Impressionism through a prestigious selection of paintings, graphic works and sculptures, coming from the Landesmuseum in Hanover and for the most part never exhibited outside Germany.

The exhibition of the masterpieces of Liebermann, Slevogt and Corinth represents a unique opportunity for investigation, study and enhancement of important artists, little known to the Italian public but of great interest, taking into account the fact that the German Impressionists have often portrayed nature and Italian landscapes.

Starting from the relationship with French Impressionism, the exhibition is developed in chronological order on three thematic areas: the first section welcomes the pioneers of German landscape painting until 1890, the second offers the masterpieces of the three most famous German Impressionists, Max Liebermann, Max Slevogt and Lovis Corinth, while the third section presents their successors, the other exponents of German Impressionism active until 1930.