ITALY: the (In)Visible Stories

European Tour Date
Style Art Gallery-Gyumri-Armenia 11/06/2019 – 15/08 2019
Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska-Banja Luka-Bosnia and Herzegovina 12/09/2019 – 10/11/2019
National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina 14/11/2019 – 15/01/2020
National Gallery-Sofia-Bulgaria 30/01/2020 – 29/04/2020
South American Tour  
Centro Cultural Las Condes-Santiago de Cile-Chile 11/06/2019 – 28/07/2019
Uade Arte Fundacion Universidad-Buenos Aires-Argentina 10/08/2019 – 06/09/2019
Museo Macay, Fundacion Garcia Ponce-Merida-Messico 08/10/2019 – 09/01/2020
Fundacion Pape-Cohauila-Messico 24/01/2020 – 24/04/2020

Curator: Dominique Lora and Micol di Veroli. In collaboration with the Institute of Demoethnoanthropology of Rome.


In 2001 UNESCO established a program to protect the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, aimed at evaluating and cataloging the intangible assets of the world, that had to be considered as real monuments and which, without such measures, could be at risk of being dispersed in the maze of modernity and to disappear permanently.

The varied list of this heritage includes oral traditions, popular rites, popular festivities, arts and crafts, and in general social practices and ancient knowledge about nature and the universe. Keeping these practices alive is of crucial importance as they characterize and redefine the time, space, and memory of people and places.

The exhibition presents a multidisciplinary dialogue between the works of contemporary art by 16 great Italian artists, together with photographic documents, video documentaries by the director Francesco de Melis, objects and artifacts from the collections and archives of the museum of popular arts and traditions in Rome.


Bertozzi&Casoni, Tommaso Cascella, Flavio Favelli, Dario Ghibaudo, Silvia Giambrone, Maria Lai, Francesco Lauretta, Gaia Scaramella, Davide Monaldi, Luana Perilli, Roxy in the Box, Marinella Senatore, Giuseppe Stampone, Sergio Tumminello, Angelo Marinelli and Zaelia Bishop.



Making Of  “The (In) Visible Stories”