Date: Apr 8th 2022 – Aug 29th 2022

Location: Palazzo Madama – Museo Civico d’Arte Antica di Torino.


Palazzo Madama – Museo Civico d’Arte Antica in Turin, from April 8 to August 29, 2022 presents the exhibition Invitation to Pompeii, curated by the Parco Archeologico of Pompeii and by Palazzo Madama.

An “invitation” to enter into the homes of Pompeii, to discover their atmospheres, their furnishings, the objects used daily by their inhabitants, their decorations and embellishments, through a journey into the Pompeiian world.

The exhibition itinerary, in the majestic Sala del Senato, where Italy was founded, unfolds across the environments that best represent the most lavish dwellings in Pompeii from the first century AD. The Roman domus, for the first time in Turin, opens its doors wide to visitors, welcoming them into the domestic intimacy and displaying ordinary daily life on the slopes of the Vesuvius. A plunge into the past, which offers the opportunity to experience those environments where the eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 AD suddenly extinguished the life of its inhabitants. Today’s Pompeii is nothing but a mere memory of the ancient city, stripped of all forms of life caused by the natural disaster and emptied of those objects that could allow us to imagine it as it once was.

A rich selection of over 120 works, including furniture, statues, jewelry, works in bronze and glass, and decorative accessories, is presented to visitors in an itinerary across domestic spaces (atrium, triclinium, peristyle with garden, bedrooms), which ends with the dramatic plaster casts of some victims.