GLOBAL EXCHANGE FROM 1950: Geometric Abstraction

Date: May 7th 2014 – September 14th 2014 – Opening May 6th 2014  Time 19.00

Location: MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma – Sala Bianca – Via Nizza, 138

Curator: Joe Houston

Global-exchange-invito-mostraThe MACRO – Contemporary Art Museum in Rome, for the first time in its life displays a Geometric Abstraction Works collection from the MACBA – Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires.

The exhibition, organized by Glocal Project Consulting, is ideally connected to the “Intercambio global. Abstracción geométrica desde 1950, hosted at MACBA in 2012, and comprises a selection of 50 oeuvre of Geometric Abstraction belonging to the Argentine Museum, made by upmost artists.

Each work is peculiar and show a strong personality with different style according to different origin and background of each artist, with a unique leading theme featuring the universal language of Geometric Abstraction and its evolution born in Europe and America in the late Sixties. The project conceived and designed by Joe Houston, is the living proof of his own theory that cultural exchanges among national and international artists have spurred this new artistic movement around the world.

“During the last sixty years the Geometric Abstraction has turned into a multiform formal language triggering a new cultural approach and vital dialogue among artists all over the world. Adapted and transformed by artists from different cultural perspectives, this art confirms traditional concepts of innovation, progress and optimism. Such universal ideals, so to speak, today deeply rooted in the History if Geometric Art, keep on inspiring new contemporary abstractions”.

Among Italian Artists Marina Apollonio, Franco Grignani, Ennio Chiggio, Grazia Varisco, Manfredo Massironi e Getulio Alviani.North America is represented with the works of Francis Hewitt, Ernst Benkert, Jorrit Tornquist, Howard Mehring, Georg Karl Phaler, Gene Davis, Paul Reed, James Hilleary, Paul Feeley, John McLaughlin, Jean Gorin e Charles Biederman.The exhibitions also comprises a selection of Argenintine artists, from historic Manuel Espinosa, Juan Melé, Horacio Garcia Rossi, to contemporary artists like Fabián Burgos e Gabriela Böer.

Making of Global Exchange

MACBA-Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires, according to its founder Aldo Rubino’s perspective, aims  to acquire, preserve, record, study, communicate and exhibit the Contemporary Art, both local and international. Throughout the exhibition of artistic contents, the Museum aims to encourage the development of creativity among artist, visitors and Nation and to promote Argentine Art all over the world. The MACBA also aims to be a permanent think forum to access the different contemporary arts forms and tendencies, with a specific focus on Geometric Abstraction. The importance of Geometric Abstraction Art in Argentina justify the existence of such remarkable collection pursued strongly by Aldo Rubino since the beginning of years 80s, as a platform for supporting studies, programs and for contextualizing the entire movement.

MACBA - Buenos Aires

MACBA – Buenos Aires