Date: Dec 7th 2023 – Mar 31st 2024

Location: The Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia – Tbilisi, Georgia.


For the first time in Georgia, the wonders of the mysterious Etruscan civilization are unveiled in the exhibition “Etruscan World. Treasures from the Museums of Chiusi, Chianciano and Florence.” An exceptional selection of precious artifacts from the National Etruscan Museum of Chiusi, the Museo Civico Archeologico delle Acque of Chianciano Terme and the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, introduces visitors to a fascinating journey into the most advanced and important Italic civilization of pre-Roman Italy and will tell the story of the Etruscan people in its many facets.

From daily life to worship, from customs and traditions to conceptions of the afterlife, from enigmatic writing to vivid male and female faces.

The exhibition aims to reveal to the Georgian public the secrets of the Etruscan world through the famous Chiusi canopic jars (anthropomorphic cinerary vessels, typical of the Chiusi area), painted urns and sculptures, bucchero and bronze pottery, as well as ceramics and gold.

Two of the works featured are also related to Colchis, the ancient Georgian land: the clay krater (400-380 B.C.) and the bronze mirror (300-275 B.C.) depicting the myth of the Argonauts.

The exhibition, produced in Georgia by the Italian Embassy in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Tuscany Museums, which guaranteed the loan, and with the organizational support of Glocal Project Consulting and the Georgian National Museum, will be open from december 7, 2023 until march 31, 2024 at the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia in Tbilisi, and later on at the Otar Lordkipanidze Archaeological Museum in Vani, where it will remain until august 31, 2024.